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Language Spread and Language Contact: English in the Communication of the Modern Era

Convenors: Marta Dąbrowska (Jagiellonian University) and Elżbieta Mańczak-Wohlfeld, (Jagiellonian University)

The diffusion and spread of English, its growing acceptance as a lingua franca of the contemporary world, its adoption and adaptation in global and local contexts as well as its contact with other languages have led to numerous and complex linguistic developments, which can be studied from various angles. The present section, therefore, invites papers which will explore such linguistic phenomena as English as a global language, the impact of English on other languages, code choice and code-switching, translanguaging, multilingualism and superdiversity, linguistic landscape, linguistic imperialism, and other manifestations of the use and spread of the English language in the offline and online world in order to attain a better understanding of current communication trends.